How it Works:

1 You send us in your gold, silver and platinum.

2 We test it, weigh it and melt it.

3 We send you your money.

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We buy all types, colors and karats of gold. That includes 10kt, 12kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt, 24kt, and dental gold. Gold colors can be yellow, white, green, rose pink, and any combinations of these colors as well.

Gold is usually, but not always, stamped on the piece. We test each piece for karat type because the value of the piece increases with the higher karat number. Not sure if your gold, silver or platinum is real? No problem. Send it in and we will check it!

Common American markings:
  • 10kt
  • 12kt
  • 14kt
  • 18kt
  • 22kt
  • 24kt
Common European or Asian markings:
  • 417 for 10kt gold
  • 583 for 14kt gold
  • 750 for 18kt gold
  • 1000 for 24kt gold

Note: Jewelry that is marked 1/20 g.f. is gold filled or plated. It is not real gold and we do not purchase it.

Markings for platinum may be as follows:
  • Pt 1000 – pure platinum
  • Pt 850 – 85% platinum
  • Pt 950 – 95% platinum
  • Pt 750 – 75% platinum

We buy Sterling Silver as well including, jewelry, flatware, serving pieces, bowls, tea sets, platters, coins, etc. American silver half dollars minted after 1968 are not silver.

Silver stampings and hallmarks vary as well. Jewelry might say 925, 800, or Sterling. Russian or European silver might have a picture Hallmark and say: 96, 90, 84 or 62 depending on parts per silver.

Note: We do not buy silver plate. Knife handles from sterling flatware are filled and weighted and therefore not totally sterling silver. The knife blades are stainless steel.

Note: If you want your items that are not gold returned there will be a return postage fee.

We do test everything. Not sure? Send it in anyway and you might be happily surprised. Often what you think is fake turns out to be the real thing!

We buy gold, silver and platinum.