How it Works:

1 You send us in your gold, silver and platinum.

2 We test it, weigh it and melt it.

3 We send you your money.

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  1. What do you pay for my Gold, Silver or Platinum?
  2. We love that question. We are one of the only sites that answer that question succinctly! That is what makes us unique among other sites. Full disclosure-No guessing-No rip-offs. Our name tells all! 70/30 CASH FOR GOLD. You get 70% of the value of your metals and we keep 30%. For this we pay shipping costs, test and weigh your metals, melt your jewelry and send you your money immediately! No matter what the price of gold is!

  3. How do I get paid?
  4. It’s your choice. We can mail you a check, use the” fast cash” method, or pay you by Paypal. On the enclosed card you will receive from us, you will indicate your preferred method of payment. “Fast cash” is direct deposit into your account and will cost $4.99 which we can deduct from your total.

  5. What if I change my mind after mailing out my jewelry?
  6. Not a problem. After we receive your gold packet, we notify you by phone and/or e-mail. We test and weigh your gold, silver, or platinum, and give you an approximate price (give or take 5% variance). No melting is done unless you approve the amount, based on that day’s price of gold. If you change your mind we will happily and quickly return your metals .If you choose to sell your gold , silver or platinum, the metals are then melted, and your money will be sent out to you safely and promptly. If not, you will be charged a return postage fee.

  7. Do you take other metals besides gold?
  8. Yes! In addition to white gold, yellow gold, and pink gold in 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt, and 24kt, and dental gold, we also take sterling silver and platinum. Sterling silver may say “Sterling” or 925 stamped on it. Silver pieces can also have a Hallmark on them or numbers such as “84”. Platinum may be stamped Pt. 750, 850, 950, or 1000 depending the purity. Some metals may not be stamped and still be gold, silver, or platinum. Just send it in. We will test it for you.

  9. How do you test the metals?
  10. Not all jewelry or serving pieces have stampings. That is why testing is so important. Even the most experienced jeweler can be fooled by just looking at a piece of jewelry. We test in several ways to determine if your pieces are genuine gold, silver or platinum. First we do a scratch test with acid, then an electronic test, and finally a fluorescence scan to verify the purity of your gold, silver, or platinum.

  11. What about the stones in my jewelry?
  12. We can remove larger stones in prong settings- .5 points and larger. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee against breakage upon removal, as many items are old and could be cracked under prongs. Tiny diamonds get melted along with the gold.

  13. Can I use my own packaging to send gold to you?
  14. Yes you can. Please make sure you insure your package. Our packages are insured. If you have a large amount, please let us know when we call you.

  15. If the price of gold for the day is $1700.00 an ounce, and I send in an ounce of 14kt gold, will I get $1700.00?
  16. Great question! This confuses most people. When you see that days price of gold, that is for pure 24kt gold. If you are selling a gold coin such as a Krugerand or the like, then yes, that is the price you get. If you have an ounce of 14kt gold, you will not get that amount because 14kt gold is 58% gold, and the rest is made of many metals. 10kt gold is 41% gold, and 18kt gold is 75% pure gold and 25% other metals. Whatever you do send in you will be getting 70% of the total value.

  17. Gold went down a few dollars yesterday. Should I wait until it goes back up to send it to 70/30 Cash for Gold?
  18. The price of gold has been so volatile in the past few years that no one can predict what it will be on any given day. If you wait, the price could tumble leaving you pretty disappointed. If you want or need money now, then there is no better time to sell your gold, silver or platinum.

  19. Why should I send my gold in to you, as opposed to taking it to a local “cash for gold” merchant?
    • First reason is our PAYOUT. Our name says it all. You are getting 70% of your total gold value. Most jewelers do not disclose their payout. They use slogans such as “highest prices paid for gold” or, ”top dollar paid in cash for gold”. Those are vague promises. Higher than what? How much of your gold, silver or platinum value are you actually getting?
    • CONVENIENCE. No gathering up your gold, nervously carrying it into a “cash for gold” location, waiting for half an hour or longer for service. Put them in our convenient envelope and mail away!
    • PRIVACY. You sort out your valuables in the privacy of your own home. No prying eyes watching your transaction and your cash for gold payout!
    • SAFETY- You are not carrying your valuables around and being seen going into a “cash for gold” location. You pack everything up in the comfort of your own home, not being targeted leaving a cash for gold store with money that strangers might watch you receive and perhaps put you in harm’s way.