How it Works:

1 You send us in your gold, silver and platinum.

2 We test it, weigh it and melt it.

3 We send you your money.

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Youʼre going to love me, because I Love to give out money!

Other sites like to keep you in the dark, everything is kind of mysterious. Well, we donʼt work that way. We want you to know EXACTLY what our split is. That is why we named our business 70-30 Cash for Gold. . We are thrilled to get your business and to give you 70 percent of your metal value! This is not my first rodeo. I have been in the jewelry business since 1973. I have been involved in many aspects of this business including design, wholesale and retail, and being a jewelry representative, but gold, platinum and silver buying is a particular passion of mine. I LOVE giving out lots of money.I love to hear the shock and surprise when I tell people how much money they are getting! What fun! I have become many peoples “best friend”. Iʼm looking forward to becoming your “best friend”. Thanks for reading my blog!