How it Works:

1 You send us in your gold, silver and platinum.

2 We test it, weigh it and melt it.

3 We send you your money.

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About Us

No Secrets – No Surprises

Is the split with other cash for gold companies, taking 95% of our money and giving you 5%, not working for you? We don’t take 95% of your money for making it ‘convenient’ to send it to us! These valuables are your property. These are your family heirlooms. You deserve to have the balance of the money tipped in your favor – not theirs.

No Guessing – No Rip-offs

What does 70-30 mean to you? Simply and directly, we are telling you up front in our company name, what you will be getting for your gold, silver and/or Platinum. You get 70% of the value of the metals you send into us. Are you confused about what you will get for your gold, silver and/or platinum? 70-30 Cash for Gold will take away that confusion. We give you full disclosure – everyday, all the time. No matter what the price of gold is, you still get 70% of the value of the metals you send into us. Do you wonder why this hasn’t been done before? So did I. That is how and why this website was created.

I have been in the jewelry industry for 38 years. I started working for Michael C. Fina in 1974. In the years since then I have sold and designed jewelry in various cities across the country. When the economy starting going through a rough time, and ‘Cash for Gold’ places started popping up everywhere I became aware of people being taken advantage of, from various ‘cash for gold locations and ‘cash for gold’ online sites. I asked myself what kind of site would I feel comfortable sending my old gold, silver and platinum to? So I decided to go against the trend with an honest pay out for your gold. These pieces of jewelry, coins and other valuables are yours. You are entrusting us to handle them in an honest, trustworthy, professional fashion and give you a fair value and worth for them. That’s what we do!

WE take 30% of the gold, silver and platinum value for:
  • paying for shipping and receiving your gold, silver and platinum
  • testing your metals for karat type and authenticity
  • weighing your gold, silver and/or platinum
  • Melting your metals
  • Paying you out for your gold, silver, and platinum

All of this is done for you while you remain in the safety and comfort of your own home. YOU get 70% of your gold, silver and platinum value for simply mailing it to us.

  • EXAMPLE – Your gold is worth $1000
  • YOU get $700
  • WE get $300

No matter what the price of gold, silver or platinum is that day, you always get 70% of the value. Great Payout! Honest! Full Disclosure!