How it Works:

1 You send us in your gold, silver and platinum.

2 We test it, weigh it and melt it.

3 We send you your money.

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Turn Your Gold Into Cash

WHERE do I sell my gold? HOW do I sell my gold? How do i know WHAT price I’m getting for my gold, platinum and silver?? CONFUSING? You bet! Until now!

Our name is our deal- 70-30 CASH FOR GOLD! YOU get 70% of the money for your gold, platinum, and silver. WE take 30% for our part of the work.We give you clear and full disclosure regarding all cash for gold transactions.That’s our company policy, PERIOD. No double talk, no ambiguous statements such as “highest prices paid”.What does that mean anyway? Higher than who? How much higher? How do you know they are giving the highest payout if they don’t tell you what percentage they pay??

When you work with 70-30 Cash for Gold you will receive a more personalized experience.When we receive your metals, there is one person handling it from the beginning to the end of the process. We don’t piecemeal it out to five or more workers. So, feel confident in sending that ugly necklace from your mother-in-law, your old high school ring or that jewelry that brings up bad memories for you We will turn your unwanted old jewelry and metals into money for you! Even our website looks different from other “Cash for Gold” sites. No piles of money, no hawking the customer. We are straight forward and have a touch of class, the same way we like to operate our business.

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Youʼre going to love me, because I Love to give out money!

Other sites like to keep you in the dark, everything is kind of mysterious. Well,

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